Wiley Post Lands

July 22, 2009

On this day in 1933 Wiley Post completed the first solo flight around-the-world. The trip lasted 7 days, 19 hours.

Anniversary of Wiley Post’s High Altitude Flight

March 15, 2009
Wiley Post, far left, inspects his pressure suit.

Wiley Post, far left, inspects the pressure suit that he wore during the flight.

On March 15, 1935, Wiley Post flew from Burbank, California, to Cleveland, Ohio, a distance of 2,035 miles, in 7 hours, 19 minutes. At times, the Winnie Mae attained a ground speed of 340 mph, indicating that the airplane was operating in the jet stream. He reached an unoffical altitude of more than 50,000 feet.

The flight was one of Post’s four attempts between February and June, 1935, to fly non-stop from Los Angeles to New York at a high altitude.